About Colleen Kelly

Colleen Kelly of Natural Therapy Qld offers a range of therapies to bring balance, fitness and well-being.

She offers Emmett Therapies,  Bowen Therapy and Remedial  Massage.

Colleen is also an instructor in Emmett Technique and Emm-Tech

My aim as a therapist is to assist in bringing my clients’ bodies into balance so that they can achieve their optimal fitness and general well-being.
I do this through the use of three main techniques:

• Emmett Technique
• Bowen Therapy
• various forms of massage

About the Project

Colleen’s original website needed to be edited in html, which made it very cumbersome and difficult for her to use.

Her site was recreated in a wordpress framework, but retained major design elements, logo & content.

A mailchimp email account and template was set up to facilitate contact with her clients.