Himalayan Health & Hearing

About Himalayan Health & Hearing Himalayan Health & Hearing is an Australian-based charity that provides and supports primary ear care, hearing rehabilitation and health programs in Nepal and the Himalayan region. Their guiding principal is Compassion in Action. They fund-raise in Australia and internationally, and 100% of donated funds go directly to projects due to

Feng Shui Courses Online

About Feng Shui Courses Online Feng Shui Courses Online offers professional training for Feng Shui practitioners offered by Master George Bennis. Live webinars and online video courses are offered through the website. About the Project The brief was to create  a Wordpress site using Academy theme and set up the online course

PRASAD Australia

About PRASAD Australia PRASAD Australia is a licensee of the PRASAD Project, an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. PRASAD is a not-for-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life of economically disadvantaged people around the world. PRASAD (Philanthropic Relief, Altruistic Service And Development) is

Meats on the Moo’ve

About Meats on the Moo've Meats on the Moo've is a home-delivery butchers service based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Customers order and pay online, and their order is delivered to their door. About the Project The brief was to help create a brand identity for a new home-delivery business and